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How to write a bank cheque ?

How to write a bank cheque ?

Hello friends today in this post we are going to talk about writing  bank cheque. We get the cheque book of the bank after opening the bank account. If you do not have a cheque book, then you can order it through any medium, online or offline.

You should know correctly to how to write a bank cheque because if there is any mistake in filling the bank cheque then that cheque page becomes useless. That's why you should know how to fill a bank cheque. Filling wrong cheques can lead to bank cheque bounce.

Let me tell you one thing friends that the method of filling bank cheque is very easy. Bank cheque are the same for all banks. If you learn to fill the cheque of a bank, then you can easily fill the cheque of any bank. In this post you will get all the information related to bank cheque.

Nowadays online mini transfer facility is available in every bank, but even today banks make low payment by cheque.

We are going to tell you what is the right way to fill bank cheque. If you are also going to use a cheque book for the first time, then you must pay attention to some things while filling the cheque. While filling the cheque, even a small mistake can result in rejection of your cheque. That's why we have written this post to help those people who are going to use cheque book for the first time.

    What is a bank cheque ? 

    A bank cheque, is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount from the account of a person to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued.

    The person writing the cheque, known as the drawer, has a transactional banking account where their money is kept. Bank cheque is a kind of bill of exchange, which contains the details of the bank account of a particular person.

    And by issuing a cheque in the name of any person, he allows the bank to pay him (third person) from his (Account Holder) account.

    A cheque contains the following information:

    IFSC (Indian Financial System Code)
    Branch Name
    Account Number
    cheque Number & Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
    Let us now know how to fill a bank cheque

    How to fill a bank cheque ?

    You have got almost all the basic knowledge about cheque, now you have to follow the steps given below to fill the cheque, it is very easy to fill the cheque.

    Step 1: In place of Pay, write the name of the recipient.
    First of all, you write the name of the person to whom the cheque is to be issued in front of Pay, remember that fill the correct name in that field, do not write a different name at all, nor do any Spell Mistake, otherwise the cheque will get spoiled.

    Be it a cheque of any bank, there is the same method of filling the cheque, whether it is State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank (PNB) or Bank of Baroda. Yes, all the same pattern is for filling the form.

    Many people get confused that what to fill in place of Pay and sometimes people write their own name in that place, so that check is of no use to the recipient.

    Therefore, take special care that in front of Pay, always write the name of the person to whom the cheque is being given.

    Another funny thing is that if you have written AC Payee in the above while issuing the cheque, then that cheque can be withdrawn only by going to the same person's own bank account and if you do not write anything on the cheque then that person will be able to withdraw from someone. You can also withdraw by going to another bank.

    Step 2: Now fill the money in front of Rupees (as much as you want to pay)
    If you have written the name of that person in front of Pay, then now write how much money you have to give in front of Rupees. If you want to withdraw Five Thousand, then you write Five Thousand Only in front of Rupees.

    Otherwise, someone will write some more money in front of Five Thousand and you will be in loss.

    Now after writing Rupees, there will be a box in the same line in which you have to write the money in Figure, something like this 5000/- and at this place also remember that after writing 5000 /- it is also necessary to mark it, otherwise the address Let's say you wrote 5000 thousand and someone can make it 50000 by putting one more zero on it.

    Step 3: Enter Date and Signature, Till now you have done all your work, now you have to sign your own signature and enter the date. You have to sign your signature near Authorize or Signature at the bottom of the cheque.

    Exactly as you have given in your bank. You put the date in the upper part of the cheque and that's it, now you can give this cheque to that person.

    For example you can see this cheque  screenshot,

    cheque  screenshot
    Source - help2support 

    Some precautions while filling the check

    Some precautions that all of you should take while filling the cheque:-

    ● On the option of pay in the cheque, write the same name of the person in whose name he has a bank account.

    ● After writing the name on the place where pay is written in the cheque, the remaining blank space should be cut off by drawing a line with a pen. By doing this, no person will be able to do any kind of tampering and fraud with your bank cheque.

    ● If you are going to get someone to pay a large amount through your cheque, then also write his account number after writing his name, to whom you want to transfer money.

    ● Apart from all this, one most important thing that is worth remembering is that, in any cheque, you should fill the same amount as the money is present in your account. If your cheque bounces then the person in front is free to take legal action against you. And the Reserve Bank of India has also increased the penalty amount by taking the bounce cheque case seriously.

    ● Never throw the cheque in the dustbin. If the cheque is damaged, it should be destroyed completely or it should be chopped into fine pieces and thrown in the dustbin.

    If you have any question in your mind then ask by commenting. How to write a bank cheque, If you liked this post of ours, then share it with your friends.

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